our history


Blaine Diffendaffer started the company in 2005 with a 500 square foot cold frame in which salad greens were grown and sold to local restaurants.  In 2007, a 2600 sq.ft. greenhouse was built for tomato production.  At this time, Blaine quit producing salad greens in the winter, and focused on early season tomatoes for the farmers markets and local businesses. The cold frame was then put in use for the production of early season English cucumbers.  In 2009, a third greenhouse was built also for tomato production.  2010 brought in a fourth greenhouse which was used for strawberry production.  Field produce was also grown that year, which included artichokes, okra, peppers, potatoes, garlic, edamame, charentais melons, and sweet potatoes.  In 2011, the strawberry greenhouse was converted to tomatoes because of the increased demand.  In 2013 A high tunnel was built for spring production.  Then in 2014 an additional 26'X96' shade tunnel was built, along with the upgrade and expansion of the #4 greenhouse.  An evaporative cooling wall, automated vent, exhaust fan, and climate controller were installed.  The total production under cover for tomatoes is now 8400 sq.ft.

The company incorporated a new trade name, Blaine’s Tomatoes & Farm in 2012, since people naturally associate Blaine with his stellar tasting tomatoes.  People at markets always ask, "Are these Blaine's Tomatoes?"  Knowing Blaine's reputation for producing tomatoes of top quality and taste, and since tomatoes are the main crop of the farm, the new name fits the company very well.

Blaine grew up on the land where the company operates. In the early 80’s the family ran a 6 acre raspberry farm.  Blaine graduated from Colorado State University with a double major in Horticulture and Soil & Crop Sciences. Upon graduation, he started employment in the greenhouse tomato industry.  Blaine worked at facilities as small as 13 acres to as large as 100 acres in Colorado, Arizona, and Mexico.  After 9 years, he made a move back home to start his own business, with the vision to grow greenhouse tomatoes.  And now he is here today, bringing you locally grown tomatoes and produce finely tuned to satisfy even the most discerning palette.

In 2015, Blaine purchase a local farm with a retail farm stand, and Farmacy Farms was born.  The name is unique, but was being mixed up with the new legal marijuana industry, so a change in the  name was needed, Blaine's Farm Store. You can find all of Blaine's produce at Blaine's Farm Store, located at 3419 Front Street, Clifton Colorado (970-628-1237)

Blaine's Tomatoes & Farm
544 33 3/4 rd.
Clifton, Co  81520