Why grow in a greenhouse?  It's simple, by growing in a greenhouse, land use is optimized while promoting efficiency in growing.  Additionally greenhouse growing is environmentally responsible.  Production is generally 2 to 4 times that of the field.  Excess water from the plants is re-collected and reused.  Pests are easier to control and minimized in the closed environment of the greenhouse.  While greenhouses are costly and if poorly managed, subject to failure, with knowledge, skills and maintenance top quality produce can be achieved.

Here at Blaines, we put in the skill and time to ensure the quality of produce you receive.  Please browse our website and see what we are doing here at Blaine's Tomatoes & Farm.

Welcome  TO Blaine's Tomatoes & FArm

Blaine's growing method for plants is simple: make the plants' lives easy by providing them the ideal environment, proper time to grow and the correct nutrients.  In return, plants will provide wonderful tasting produce.

  • Locally grown in Western Colorado, between Clifton and Palisade.
  • Greenhouse grown gourmet tomatoes, cucumbers, & colored bell peppers
  • Specialty field grown produce.
  • All non GMO plants

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